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FAQ for Publishers

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

If you don't find an answer to your question here, please ask your network/partner programme contact.
We update this FAQ on a regular basis.


The most frequently occurring questions:

Is there any documentation available for transactions / statistics API? 

The API documentation can be viewed here:

This will provide everything you need to know about using the API.

Can I use a SubID? 

Using a SubID is quite simple; just attach the parameter ?subid = Your_Sub_ID to your click link, which you can find under programmes and/or advertising materials.

Sample attached SubID:

The SubID can be up to 200 characters long and alphanumeric.


What are transactions and where can I view them? 

Transactions can be orders in an online shop, travel reservations, opening an account, newsletter registrations, etc. A list of those transactions already processed can be viewed by clicking on "Statistics - Transactions".

What is a SubID and do I have to use one? 

The SubID is required by some publishers to ensure correct attribution to their own partners. We will reissue a SubID if you have a transaction with just a simple click.
You can then find the SubID in the transaction API and under "Statistics - Transactions". You can also search for SubIDs there. You are not required to use SubIDs, of course, and should only use them if they serve your purposes. 

SubID in the statistics:


I have more than one active partnership; how can I switch to another programme? 

There are two different methods:

    1. Programmes (campaigns) running under different URLs
      You will see your current programme title next to the Settings menu.
      If you move the mouse over the title, your active programmes will be displayed and you can switch between them by clicking on the title. This menu item only appears if the operator offers more than one programme or if you have been approved for more than one partner programme.



2. Multiple programmes running at the same URL
In this case, the Campaign menu is renamed Programmes.
In addition to the usual links such as promotional materials, programme data, etc., you will also see Programme List and My Active Programmes.
These will provide all of the other relevant information about the campaigns (partner programmes) offered by the operator.  


Where can I see what I can earn with the partner programme? 

  1. Click on Campaign > Programme Details. Don't see this menu item? Then click on Programme> Programme List - Programme Titles (alternatively under actions on the magnifying glass).
  2. You will now receive all relevant information about the programme (campaign).
  3. At far right at the top of the screen, you will see a drop-down menu with your website or multiple websites.
    Below you will now see a list of earning potential; if there are several different commissions (events) listed, you will get them all. For details, click on "Other commissions...".   

Screenshots for displaying commissions


Can I also use Postview? Is there a separate code for that? 

It depends on whether a programme operator offers Postview.
If Postview is offered and the operator has approved you to use it, you find under advertising management (menu item Programmes or Campaigns > Advertising Materials) an additional tab labelled "Postview Code".
 Click on this for your valid Postview code. 

Account Settings & Credits: 

Above next to your User ID, you will see the menu item Settings, which is where you have access to all the settings related to your account.

How do I change my master data? 

Go in the login area under Settings > your account. Here you can change all of your relevant data such as your address, company, newsletter preferences, language, and much more.
All fields marked with an asterisk must be completed.

Instructions for properly completing the master data:
User type:          select company if you want your company to be listed on your vouchers
Salutation:         enter your personal salutation (Mr/Ms)
Country:           where your company is headquartered or where you reside
Tax domicile:     the country to which you report your income for tax purposes

Editing master data:
Publisher-Menu-Settings.png  -  Publisher-Settings-EN.png

How do I change my bank details? 

To change or add your bank account, please go to Settings > Billing
These settings must be correct for you to receive a payment.

If you specify that you are entitled to collect VAT, you must provide your national Tax ID or your international VAT ID.

Editing bank data:
Publisher-Menu-Settings.png  - Publisher-Settings-Billing-EN.png

Where can I find my payments? 

After logging in, go to Settings > Payments to view all of your previous payments.
The list of payments is available as a PDF document and can be downloaded by clicking the icon in the Save column.

Details about the transactions covered in each payment can be found here.



Where can I see payment details? 

Go to Statistics - Transactions
Under the transaction filter, choose the Credits filter to display all of your previous payments.
After selecting one of the payments, you can view the details and then click on Display Statistics.

You will now get a list of the individual transactions included in that payment which you can then download as an XLS, CSV or XML file.

Displaying transactions included in a payment:
Publisher-Statistik-Transaktionen-Billing-EN.png - Publisher-Statistik-Transaktionen-Billing-Conversion-EN.png


How do I add new websites (projects)? 

To view your existing projects (websites) or to create a new project,  go to Settings > Projects in the login area.
The following information is required to create a new project:
Name: such as "Domainname: all about X"
URL: enter the URL here incl. http:// an
Description : enter a short, meaningful description of your website: "The page discusses XYZ, etc."

If you do not have your own separate WEB project, you can select SEM as your project type and provide the appropriate promotional instructions there.

Managing and adding projects (websites):
Publisher-Menu-Settings.png  -  Publisher-Settings-Project-EN.png


How can I change my password? 

To change your password, go to Settings > your account in the login area.

The password should be at least 8 characters long and contain both upper & lower case letters and numbers.

Changing passwords:
Publisher-Menu-Settings.png  -  Publisher-Settings-Account-EN.png


Questions about programmes or campaigns: 

Can I use product listings? 

If a partner programme offers one or more product list(s), you can access the product data under Programmes > Product Data or Campaigns > Product Data.

Then select the list from the product feeds on the left side that you wish to integrate. (If no list is displayed, then the programme does not have any.)

In the first block: feed details for feed: ....
Information about the list: when it was last updated, how many items are included, and when the next update is scheduled.

Block 2: Standard feed links
You can download the product lists in CSV, XML and XLS formats with the API links offered here.

Block 3: Filtered feed links
This is an optional feature which we offer you here.
You can generate a pre-filtered product list where you download only those products with BRAND xyz as manufacturer, or products with "trousers" in the title to restrict your product list to just trousers offered by this operator.

The API links below are automatically filled with the filters you enter. Display and download product data/product lists:


Where can I find the promotional materials? 

The promotional materials can be found in the login area under Programmes > admedia or Campaigns > admedia. All of the promotional materials available to you are provided here.

All promotional materials are divided into categories that can be filtered by size and type.
To obtain a code to embed into your website, proceed as follows:

1. Display complete code for the website:
Within the chosen promotional material, click on the AdCode tab above the material.
You will then be provided with the complete code to be embedded in your website that contains all of the relevant information to track page views and click-through rates.

Sample of a complete AdCode:

<!-- BEGIN --><br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"><br /><br /><img src="" border=0 width="100" height="100" alt="" / ></a><br /><br /><!-- END -->

2. Direct Links
If you click on the Direct Links tab, you will be offered the View Link and the Click Link separately.
The View Link is for recording page views whereas the Click Link that links to the partner programme's site and will record any orders placed by the site visitor (conversions).

You can also attach a SubID to the Click Link, of course, if you need to. We provide you with the subid= parameter for just this purpose.
The SubID may be up to 200 characters long and must be alphanumeric.

Promotional materials:

What do the different promo types mean? 

Banner:       GIF, JPG, PNG... common graphics banner

Text:           text-based advertising material

Flash:          flash promo materials

HTML:         promo materials in HTML format such as search boxes

Newsletter: templates for newsletters to be sent to your subscribers. These can include current specials, new product presentations, etc. of the programme operator. The template already contains all of the links to programme's landing page(s).

Voucher:     vouchers including terms and duration


Questions about statistics 

Why there are so many statistics? 

Often one might not want just to have statistics listed by the day, but would rather get data displayed in summary form according to different criteria.
In addition to the daily statistics, there are also campaign statistics, project statistics, promo material statistics, SubID statistics, referrer statistics, and merchant statistics.
The transactions are also displayed under this menu item, but no actual statistics which are enriched with views & clicks.
All of the statistics can be sorted: just click on the arrow under the icons. The sorting can be ascending or descending in order.
Which type of sorting is active is indicated by the arrow marked in red.
Publisher-Statistik-Daily-EN.png  -  Publisher-Statistik-Daily-Sales-EN.png  -  Publisher-Statistik-Admedia-EN.png


What do the filters mean? 

To restrict what statistics are displayed you can apply a variety of filters.
There are time, standard, and optional filters available.

The time filter:
This filter is divided into 2 modes: absolute and dynamic.

In absolute mode, a fixed period of time is set by selecting start- and end-dates
In dynamic mode, a drop-down menu allows users to choose the current month, the previous month, the past 10 days, and the current week.

In addition to filtering for time, you can filter by transactions:
Time filters: start date (transaction recorded); processing date (transactions processed during the chosen time period); payment date (transaction paid during the period).

The time scaling filter refers only to the daily statistics: you can opt to display statistics for each day or weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual summaries for the selected period.  

With standard filters, you can select whether you want to limit the statistics to a certain merchant, campaign or one of your projects (websites). These options can only be selected if it is an operation with more than one merchant/campaign or you have stored more than one project in the system.

With the Optional filters, you can filter the statistics for the following options:
Promo materials filter:   select the promo materials for which you want statistics;
SubID filters:                  see what each SubID has generated in terms of views, clicks and transactions
Referrer filter:                shows the views, clicks and transactions triggered by your subpages;
Trigger:                          what commission (event) has been generated)

Statistics filters<a href="/index.php/Datei:Publisher-Statistik-Filter.png"></a>


Can I export statistics and are there also API links to the statistics? 

You can also export all the statistics, of course. There are 2 options:

1. In the statistics themselves, there are icons for XLS, XML and CSV formats at the bottom of the page.
Just click on the icon and save the downloaded file.
Note: The previously used filters will continue to apply to the download file.
2. Go to Statistics > Export API and download the statistics with the corresponding API link.

A precise definition of the filter options can be found in our API documentation
<a title="Publisher:Doku:API:EN" href="/index.php/Publisher:Doku:API:EN">Publisher:Doku:API</a> 

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